OTL Certified Agencies

As of March 2024, the following recruitment agencies have been recognized as OTL certified:

Aakarshan International, 2024, Nepal-Malaysia

International Manpower Recruitment, 2024, Nepal-Malaysia

Alpha World Link, 2023, Myanmar-Thailand

International Focus, 2023, Myanmar-Thailand

FSI Nepal, 2017, Nepal-Afghanistan and Nepal-Dubai (Pilot Certification)


Certified agencies demonstrated conformance to all OTL standards, having the institutional structures and management systems to support ethical recruitment, and the capability and proof of practice to recruit for and deploy to the employer-pays market.

There are a number of agencies and labor-hire providers that are undergoing OTL and are at different stages of the program e.g. onboarding, training, audit, and/or corrective action. For more information on an agency or to request for an agency’s audit report, please contact Camille Dela Rosa, OTL Program Director at camille@fairhiringinc.com