OTL Timeline


TFHI awards a "certified" status to International Manpower Recruitment and Aakarshan International for the Nepal to Malaysia corridor.

TFHI also gives belated public recognition to FSI Nepal for participating in the OTL pilot certification program in 2017 and achieving OTL Level 3 Certification.


TFHI awards a "certified" status to Alpha World LInk and International Focus for the Myanmar to Thailand corridor.

TFHI implements OTL in the Nepal and Indonesia to Malaysia corridors.


TFHI implements OTL in the Indonesia and Philippines to Taiwan corridor.


TFHI continues On The Level pilot implementation in the Myanmar to Thailand corridor.


TFHI pilot-tested On The Level in Myanmar to Thailand corridor with support from the Seafood Task Force. To capacitate the program, we trained trainers, worker interviewers, and our second cohort of auditors.



TFHI turned its attention to building On The Level's human capital. We worked with Verite Southeast Asia to train our first cohort of auditors.


The Fair Hiring Initiative (TFHI) developed On The Level with support from funders like Humanity United and Open Society Foundations. Initial phases of the program are tested in Nepal, Indonesia, Malaysia.