Our Team

Marie Apostol
Founder and CEO

Marie is the founder and creative energy behind TFHI and brings a worldwide reputation and vast knowledge of the international migration arena to the operations of our organization. She spearheads supply chain initiatives worldwide to address recruitment-related debt bondage and modern-day slavery. 

Kenneth Harvey
Co-founder and Director

Ken provides leadership in team building and management, project management, and business development. A professional engineer, he has developed a successful engineering career across the globe and has extensive experience in leading multi-national and multi-cultural teams on major projects worldwide.

Adette Lelina
Operations manager

Adette was TFHI’s General Manager when TFHI practiced recruitment. She applies her years of recruitment experience in assessing labor agency practices and advising on recruitment models. Adette has solid training and consultancy experience in academic, corporate, and government sectors. Before she joined TFHI, she was a human resources consultant and a trainer of teachers of information communication.

Louie Lusabia
Administration and finance officer

Louie ensures administrative systems of TFHI are well implemented to maintain a conducive workspace for the team. He is entrusted with company files and information and is charge of TFHI’s day-to-day office affairs. Louie is also completed the OTL worker interviewer course.

Michael B. Ocampo
Legal counsel

Mike is a Philippine-qualified lawyer with more than a decade of experience in public policy, legal practice, and project management. He is TFHI’s external counsel on corporate and tax matters. He is also involved in the development of OTL’s governance structures and key policies, and has conducted OTL assessments of private recruitment agencies in Myanmar and Nepal. He received a Bachelor of Arts (Political Science) and Juris Doctor degrees from the University of the Philippines and Master of Laws (Competition, Innovation and Trade Law) from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Joanna Foz Castro
Coordinator for training and capability development

Joanna oversees materials development, and the design and conduct of training and research for TFHI and On The Level (OTL). She also develops and monitors online courses in TFHI's learning management system, including the Ethical Recruitment Appreciation Course. She also contributes to the writing, development and implementation of training for TFHI's joint projects the ILO. Joanna is a licensed teacher and instructor. Her experience in training, education and psychology aids her in her role as training coordinator.

Camille Dela Rosa
Program director for On The Level

Camille oversees program implementation of On The Level. Her background is on sustainability communications and corporate writing. She contributed to the development and piloting of On The Level's standards and processes including research, framework deveopment, and testing of the Integrity System also known as the worker's survey and helpline. 

Lily Widjaja Deng
Program coordinator for On The Level - Taiwan

Lily is a researcher, translator, and is fluent in Mandarin, Bahasa, and English. Lily also collaborates with key stakeholders including NGOs, labor agencies, and workers in implementing OTL activities. She also leads the development of the OTL survey and helpline for workers deployed in Taiwan.

Yamin Shwe Zin
Program coordinator for On The Level - Myanmar

Yamin is a trained medical doctor with a passion for social work. She is a trained OTL auditor, worker interviewer, and trainer. She coordinates OTL activities in Myanmar including capability building sessions, agency assessments, and stakeholder meetings. She also collaborates with CSOs to build OTL’s network.

Nitya Bharati
Program coordinator for On The Level - Nepal

Nitya has over five years of experience in stakeholder engagement, consulting, research, project management, and capacity-building training in various areas. These areas include workers' rights, human rights due diligence, ethical recruitment practices, responsible business practices, safe labor migration, and the prevention of trafficking and forced labor in supply chains. With a background in Sustainable Development, she is passionate about addressing and working on the nexus between modern slavery, environmental degradation, and climate change.

Khin Cho Myint
Worker outreach coordinator for OTL - Myanmar

Khin is helping build the OTL Integrity System for Myanmar workers in Thailand. Her background is on social standards and human trafficking/forced labor and has completed several audits in this domain in the ASEAN region and Japan. She has participated in several social audits and research projects in Thailand and Malaysia, particularly those looking into forced labor and human trafficking in the fishing, seafood, and electronics industries. Additionally, she is certified interpreter by the International Justice Mission (IJM) for migrant labor trafficking, particularly in Malaysia.